intensive practical hands-on session

intensive practical hands-on session

certified and accredited TMS course

certified and accredited TMS course

mix of lectures and hands-on

mix of lectures and hands-on

The renowned 3 FULL-DAY intensive course for Health Care Professionals, Clinicians, and Researchers who seek training in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Certified and accredited TMS course


Industry-independent 3 FULL-DAY academic course taught by internationally renowned experts in the field of non-invasive brain stimulation from Maastricht University

Mix of academic lectures and intensive hands-on sessions providing step-by-step training of entire TMS application procedures

Intensive practical hands-on training, offering both basic training for beginners, but also advanced training for more experienced participants


English taught, in an academic environment, hosting various TMS systems and equipment 

Evaluated at an average of 4,7/5 over the past 5 years. Read the testimonials here 

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“presentations were excellent”


“really learned a lot about the science and application of TMS”


“great to meet mind-liked people”


“would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues”


“welcoming and pleasant teaching staff”


“clever and concise approach of educators”


“the practical hands-on training was just excellent and extremely helpful”


“very useful and enjoyable course, learned a lot, great experience”


“excellent course, as a consultant psychiatrist I learned a lot – well organized, I would recommend it to my colleagues”


“I love the practical sessions”


“the course was pitched at a very good level, easy and clear enough to understand. Latest and useful research relating to the topics was very good”


“all academics were so helpful and polite”

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mix of lectures and hands-on