Starting with TMS

Starting - or just having started - to offer TMS as a treatment to your patients requires you to take various difficult decisions with regard to TMS equipment, protocols, and procedures. What equipment do I need and what do I really don’t need? What type of stimulator, what coils, what coil positioning system? At the same time you are likely in need of help with regard to establishing procedures to comply with regulations and guidelines, including safety, reimbursement, code of conduct.

The Clinical TMS Certification Course offers two schemes of TMS Consultancy and Supervision to address these needs.

Starter Package

In case you are planning to start with TMS, our Starter Package will guide you through all decisions and processes required for setting-up a TMS treatment service. We offer an individual assessment of your specific situation and advise you on the optimal equipment package needed for your clinic.  Since we are independent from industry, we have the unbiased overview of various TMS systems and can advise you on your optimal TMS system in the most objective and informed way. Our expertise in rules and regulations of TMS will give you a head start in offering TMS to your patients.

Consolidator Package

After you successfully started offering TMS as a treatment to your patients, you may still be in need for consultancy and supervision services, offering you the possibility to discuss individual patient cases with experienced TMS clinicians. In some cases, the standard TMS treatment protocols will not work as intended, and you will find yourself looking for clinically effective alternative protocols and/or target sites and/or escalation strategies tailored to your specific case. The Consolidator package offers you a subscription for supervision, including the option of  discussing your patient cases with experienced TMS clinicians.

More information and quote

If you are interested in either our Starter or Consolidator Package (combinations possible), please contact us for more information and a custom-made quote at

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