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Clinical TMS Certification Course



[NEW] Follow the Clinical TMS Certification Course online 

Number of participants

30 maximum



21-23 October 2020

30 November - 2 December 2020
When registering, make sure you select the dates with the (Online TMS Certification Course) addition.


Target group

Clinicians, Health Care Professionals, and Researchers


Registration fee

€ 1500,-


Further information

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After years of productive, educational, and especially enjoyable clinical TMS workshops on location, we are now offering several options to follow our clinical TMS courses ONLINE. These ONLINE courses still include all relevant background material, supervised hands-on training, and the exact same clinical certification and accreditation as offered previously only in on-site workshops.


Virtual Clinical TMS Certification Course.


This course is offered several times a year, in prescheduled time-slots posted on our website. This course includes the same theory, materials, and practical training, as the highly-rated on-site workshops we have been offering for many years in Amsterdam, Maastricht, London, and other places. 

Lectures are offered online instead of a lecture hall, meaning you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home. Importantly, all lectures and webinars are 100% live, allowing interactivity and  opportunities to address your questions. New personal Q&A sessions with our experts allow you to address any and all questions you might have, pertaining to your own plans or practice.

Hands-on training is offered in newly developed training routines that you perform in your own clinic, lab, or personal space, as long as you have access to TMS equipment, a webcam, and an internet connection*. These trainings are closely supervised by our expert staff with dozens of years of scientific and clinical TMS experience. The loss of hands-on corrections is compensated by the one-on-one guidance and supervision that this online format allows. With the added benefit that you are practicing on your own equipment! The program closes with the awarding of our clinical TMS certification.


* If you do not have access to TMS equipment, this does not automatically mean you cannot participate in this course. Let us know in the registration form, and depending on your location and the registration of participants near you, we might be able to arrange a venue close to your home. Although we highly encourage the participation in hands-on practice sessions, it is also an option to observe the hands-on sessions of other participants if we cannot find a personalized solution for you.  


The course includes academic sessions, hands-on training, individual feedback sessions on intended protocols or procedures and short presentations by researchers about using TMS for psychiatric disorders and rehabilitation:

Academic sessions

All courses are taught by clinicians and researchers who are internationally recognised as experts in their field. 

Individual feedback

There will be individual feedback sessions on intended protocols or procedures.

Hands-on training

In small groups individualised practical hands-on training will be provided to ensure that each participant acquires the expertise to administer different stimulation protocols and programme TMS machines.


For an impression of the previous courses, please see below:


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